21 JUNE 1873, Page 2

Mr. Dixon has given notice that he will move, as

an amend- ment to Mr. Forster's Education Bill (1873), " That in the opinion of this House, no amendment to the Education Act could be- regarded as satisfactory which did not make the attendance of children at school, and the formation of School Boards, compul- sory, throughout England and Wales." We agree in the state- ment made in an able letter by Mr. Seebohm, which our readers. will find elsewhere, that it would be a very fortunate thing indeed, if the House would adopt this resolution ; but we exceedingly doubt whether the Dissenters would not be almost the last to support it, if they thought the House likely to- adopt it. They appear to fear nothing more than compulsion until at least one school-board school has been established in every school district ; and Jir. Dixon, though he asks for school boards everywhere, makes no condition for school-board schools everywhere--which, indeed, he could not obtain without an in- crease to the rates that would turn all the rural districts against• him. Of course Mr. Dixon will not carry his amendment, but if he- did, no one would be so much embarrassed by the victory as the victor.