21 JUNE 1873, Page 2

The Inner Templars changed their mind at the last moment,

or were overborne by the Middle Templars, who did not like to stick to the shabby policy of no collections on so great an occa- sion. A correspondence which appeared between the Master of the Temple and the Treasurer of the Inner Temple last Saturday showed that the latter was exceedingly anxious to ignore the fact that the Inner Tempters, so far as in them lay, opposed the col- lection,—which was, however, certainly the fact. But they did not choose to act alone, and as the Middle Templars were in favour of it, they eventually withdrew what had been in fact a veto upon it. The collection, too, was pretty good, when it came. Con- sidering that the great congregation in St. Paul's raised only £509 in both services, it was pretty well for the Templars to give £344 in their two services. Perhaps a compound of shame and generosity is a better stimulus to giving than generosity alone.