21 JUNE 1873, Page 2

The Judges at the Court of Queen's Bench have refused

the- rule for a criminal information for libel against Mr. Plimsoll, applied for by Mr. Norwood ; but they have indicated their- opinion that Mr. Plimsoll is liable to • some censure, by dis- charging it without costs. The view taken by the Judges was. that Mr. Norwood's ship (the Livonia) was lost from having been overloaded, and that there was therefore so much of a basis for- Mr. Plimsoll's statement,—which no one doubts was made front principles of public duty,—as would render it improper to per- mit a criminal libel action to be brought against him. At the- same time, the Court thought that Mr. Plimsoll had been in fault in not informing himself that Mr. Norwood was away (in, Egypt) at the time the Livonia was loaded and sent out• on her voyage, and in hinting that she would never have been so sent unless fully insured, which was not the case. The Judges intimated that so far as Mr. Plimsoll's. charges threw a personal slur on Mr. Norwood as a grasping, shipowner, and one of the "greatest sinners" in the trade in relation to overloading ships, there had not been the slightest evidence of them brought in the case before them. Hence, though the rule for a criminal information was discharge& (without costs), Mr. Norwood is free to bring an action for- civil libel against Mr. Plimsoll if he pleases. Probably no decisiom could have better met the justice of the case.