21 JUNE 1873, Page 21

Small-Pox : the Predisposing Conditions and their Preventives. By Dr.

Carl Both. (Tritbner.)—Some time ago a treatise was written to prove that salt was the "forbidden fruit." Dr. Carl Both seems to

believe that it is the "fruit of the tree of life." Albumen is, so to speak, the Ahriman of the human body, and salt its Ormuzd, anyhow as regards zymotic diseases. Of course, a man may have too much

salt, as in the conditions which produce scurvy, but the common fault is that he has too little. If we will correct this, Dr. Both insures us from

small-pox; in fact, ho tells us that if we will keep the various ingre- dients of the blood property balanced, we cannot possibly catch any infectious disease. And if we will drink no stimulant with our meals—tea and coffee are as bad as alcohol—we have a chance, we suppose, of becoming immortal.