21 JUNE 1913, Page 1

We cannot attempt to summarize all or even the chief

speeches in the debate. We must be content to note the mar- vellous debating dexterity displayed by Mr. Asquith, the high character of Mr. Balfour's admirable speech, and the sound common sense of Mr. Bonar Law. As to the personal statement of Mr. Lloyd George we have only one remark to make, and we make it with regret, for we would

much rather not have challenged in detail the defence of an accused man. Mr. Lloyd George, however, made a statement in regard to the editor of the Spectator which is so pre- posterously inconsistent with the facts that we are bound to take notice of it. Speaking of the Outlook, he used these words :— " It was the very first paper that ever published a line upon it. If anybody doubts that ho had better see what the confederates of the hon. gentleman say about it—Mr. Masse, Mr. Chesterton, Mr. St. Loe Strachey, the three gentlemen who have been working this together. They said that a debt of gratitude was duo for these articles, because they were the articles which started these revelations. This is the way in which these charges were started."