21 JUNE 1913, Page 2

Mr. Gladstone announced his intention to vote for the second

reading, on the ground of the uncompromising attitude of the Church leaders in Wales, and stated that nearly all the Liberal Churchmen on his side would do likewise. The Ministerialists were naturally much heartened by this collapse of the Liberal cave. Mr. Bonar Law summed up for the Opposition in his best manner. After observing that the Bill was only liked by those Nonconformists who put their politics before their religion, he reminded the Government that this Bill would never have reached its present stage if the Nationalist members, who cared nothing about the Welsh Church, had not come to their assistance whenever they needed it. In dealing with this measure the Government.intended to use the Parliament Act to make sure that the will of the people should not prevail. Mr. Runciman wound up for the Government, and the division showed a majority for the Bill of 99-357 votes to 258.