21 JUNE 1913, Page 26

The Annual Register : a Review of Public Events at

Home and Abroad for the Year 1912. (Longmans and Co. 18s.)—It is always fascinating to turn aside from the questions of the immediate present and glance for a moment at those of the immediate past. A new volume of the Annual Register gives us an opportunity for discovering with rather a shock, perhaps, what it was that we were thinking about a year ago. This time, however, it is the other way about. We are shocked to discover what we were not thinking about. Home Rule, Disestablishment, the Titanic,' the war—all of these were the topics of the day, and between them account perhaps for most of the pages in the new Annual Register. Scarcely two pages, however, are devoted to the subject which above all others we should expect to find discussed—to the Marconi question. But this, we see on reflection, is scarcely odd, because the Annual Register does not set out to describe what happened in a particular year, but only what was known to have happened.