21 MARCH 1857, Page 9



ABINGDON. Mr. Burr, Conservative has retired. ANDOVER. The Honourable D. Foreeseue is a Liberal candidate. 1SHBUR'rON. Mr. J. H..Astell is a Conservative candidate against Mr. Moffatt.

AYLESBURY. Mr. T. T. Bernard is a Conservative candidate in opposition to Mr. Layard. BANBURY. Mr. E. Yates is an ultra-Liberal candidate.

BARNSTAPLE. Mr. Buck retires to seek the scat for the Northern division of the county vacated by his father. Mr. James Taylor, of Birmingham, the originator of freehold land societies, is a Liberal candidate. Mr. l'otts, who will support Palmerston on the China question, is also a candidate.

BATH. Sir Arthur Elton has consented to stand. Mr. A. E. Way is a Liberal Conservative candidate.

BEDFORD. Mr. T. Barnard, Liberal, will oppose Captain Stuart, the Conservative Member.

Baawics. Mr. John Forster retires. His father, Mr. Matthew Forster, is a Liberal candidate ; Mr. Stapleton is also a Liberal candidate ; and Captain G. W. Gordon appears as a Conservative.

BEVERLEY. As Mr. Denison continues in the field for the borough, Mr. :Hastings has withdrawn.

BLACKBURN. Mr. W. II. Hornby is a Conservative candidate. BOLTON. Captain Gray opposes the sitting Members. BRADFORD. Mr. Titus Salt has retired.

BansirroN. Mr. Creasy has retired in favour of Mr. Coningham. BUCKLSIGHAM. Sir H. Verney is a Ministerial candidate. 'CAM i BRIDGE. Mr. A. Steuart s to stand with Mr. Macaulay on the Con

servative side.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Mr. Adeane is a Liberal candidate.

Cairriumusx. Mr. H. B. Johnstone who was unseated on petition at a former election is added to the candidates.

CARDIFF. 11.r. Coffin positively retires. Captain Stuart offers himself ;

also Mr. A. Freeman, of Llanrhymney Hall.

CARDIGAN BOROUGHS. Mr. Davies retires. Mr. E. L. Pryse is a

Liberal candidate.

CARLISLE. Mr. Perronet Thompson,' son of the veteran Corn-law Re

pealer, appeared in opposition to Sir James Graham; but he has retired. Mr. W. N. Hodgson is a Tory candidate.

CHESTER. Mr. G. Salisbury is a new Liberal candidate.

Ctrramion. Mr. Starkie retires. Mr. T. Hopwood, of Blackburn, is a candidate.

Coesnamorm. General Wyndham retires to contest the county. Lord Naas is a new candidate.

COLCHESTER. A second Conservative candidate has been found in Cap

tain Paget, LA.

Conlin-Au., WEST. Sir C. Lemon retires. Mr. J. Tremayne is a Con

servative candidate.

COVILNTRY. Mr. Mellor, Q.C., opposes Sir J. Paxton.

Carcsrava. Mr. Charles Monk, son of the late Bishop of Gloucester, appears aa a Ministerialist. Mr. Neeld does not retire.

CUMBERLAND, WEST. Mr. W. Lawson, Liberal, is a candidate. Dearmoirrn. Mr. James Caird, Liberal, is is Candidate. DEVON, NORTH. Mr. G. S. Buck has withdrawn. The Honourable Mr. Trefusis and Sir S. H. Northeote, Conservatives, are now the only candidates. HORSETAIL/RE. The Honourable W. H. B. Portman, at present Member for Shaftesbury, will contest the county on Liberal principles. Doran. Mr. Rice and Lord Chelsea retire. Mr. Osborne, the Secretary of the Admiralty, and Captain Rice, son of Mr. Rice, are candidates. DUDLEY. Sir Staft'ordT Northeote stands for North Devon. Mr. Sanders, Free-trader and supporter of Palmerston's foreign policy, offers himself.

EAST Rerscan. The Honourable W. E. Dunoombe retires.

Dimas, Seem. The Honourable Mr. Ashley, son of Lord Shaftesbury, is a Liberal candidate.

Lucian. Sir J. Duckworth retires.

Fatmourn. Mr. Freshfield retires ; Mr. Gwyn stands again. Mr. T. Baring and Mr. S. Gurney are Liberal candidates.

GLOUCESTER. Sir Robert Carden is a Conservative candidate. GLOUCESTERSHIRE, WEST. The Honourable Grantley F. Berkeley offers himself as an opponent of Palmerston. Mr. Hale retires. Mr. J. Bolt, Conservative, is a candidate. GRANTHAM. Sir G. E. Welby and Lord Montague Graham retire. The candidates are Mr. E. Welby, son of the present Member, and the Honourable F. J. Tollemache, Liberal Conservative. HAMPSHIRE, NORTH. Mr. G. Sclater is a Conservative candidate. Ilistrsnuin, Souris. Mr. H. C. Compton retires. The Honourable It. Dutton, deputy chairman of the South-Western Railway, is a Conservative candidate ; Sir Clarke Jervoiso is put forward by the Liberals. HARWICH. Mr. David Waddington retires. Mr. It. J. Bagshaw, son of the sitting Member, and Colonel Warburton arc Liberal candidates; and Mr. Jervis appears on the Conservative side. Ilmsrms. Mr. A. Barclay, Liberal, appears against Sir S. Spry. HEREFORDSIIIRE. Sir H. ti. Cotterell is a Liberal candidate. HERTFORD. Sir M. Farquhar is a Conservative candidate. HERTFORDSHIRE. Mr. L. W. Diller, a supporter of Palmerston, is O. candidate.

Ilosirros. Major Stuart Wortley is a candidate. HermairsprELn. Mr. Cobden and Mr. Akroyd are candidates.

Hutt. Lord W. Compton is a Liberal candidate. Lord Ashley appears as a Liberal Conservative.

Ilrritn. Mr. Brockman retires. Sir John Riunsden and Mr. W. G. Thomson are Liberal candidates.

IP:swim( Mr. Marshman, Liberal, who has passed much of his life in India, and is known as "the Friend of India," stands in conjunction with Mr. Adair,

ISLE OF WIGHT. Mr. Augustus Clifford, Lord Palmerston's private secretary, is a Liberal candidate, Colonel Harcourt retiring. LEEDS. Both Mr. Carbutt and Mr. Fenster have withdrawn.

LEICESTER. Mr. J. D. Harris, a townsman, and a supporter of Palmerston, is put forward as a candidate. LEICESTERSHIRE, SOUTH. Viscount Curzon is a Conservative candidate. LEOMINSTER. jr. Willoughby is a Liberal Conservative candidate. LINCOLNSHIRE, SOUTH. One of the old Members, Sir J. Trollops, Mr. A. Willson, Conservative, and Mr. G. H. Paeke, Liberal, are the candidates. LISKEARD. The Honourable A. Gordon is a Liberal Conservative candidate, in opposition to Mr. It. W. Grey, who is a supporter of Palmerston. LUDLOW. Mr. Beriah Botfield, Conservative, seeks the seat vacated by Lord William Powlett.

LYMINGTON. Mr. Hutchins retires. Besides Mr. Mackinnon, Liberal, Mr. Johnstone and Mr. J. Curling, Liberals, and Mr. W. Peacock, Conservative, seek the vacant seat. MANCHESTER. Mr. Lowe has positively declined to be nominated. MIDDLESEX. Mr. Osborne retires, and seeks a seat at Dover. NEWARK. Mr. Vernon and Mr. Sutton retire. The Earl of Lincoln and Mr. Handley arc candidates. NEWPORT, I. of W. Captain Mangles, Liberal, and Mr. Buxton, son of Sir F. Buxton, are candidates.

NORFOLK, EAST. Major-General Windham and Sir E. N. Buxton are Liberal candidates : the Conservatives have succumbed, and withdrawn their men.

Noaporst, WEST. Mr. Bagge will retire ; Mr. Gordon, Liberal, will succeed him.

Nournal.tzirrox. The Honourable Egremont Lascelles appears in opposition to Mr. Vbrrightson.

NORTHAMPTON. Mr. Charles Gilpin is a Liberal candidate.

Noawien. Mr. Schneider and Lord Bury, Liberal candidates ; Sir S. Bignold, Conservative. Severe contest anticipated.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, NORTH. Mr. J. E. Denison, Member for Melton, has consented to stand.

OXFORDSHIRE. Lieutenant-Colonel Vane is a Liberal candidate. PETERBOROUGH. Mr. G. H. Whalley is a Radical candidate. PORTSMOUTH. Major-General Sir J. M. F. Smith, Liberal Conservative, and Captain It. Lambert, a supporter of Lord Palmerston, are candidates. PRESTON. Mr. It. A. Cross, Conservative, is a candidate. RIPON. Mr. W. Beckett and the Honourable E. Lascelles both retire. Mr. J. A. Warre is a Liberal candidate.

Rocuparsn. Mr. G. H. Money is a Conservative candidate.

ST. IVES. Mr. Paull, a barrister, is a candidate. SALFORD. Mr. Cobden has declined to be nominated. Sir E. Armitage is a candidate.

SALISBURY. Mr. James Campbell is a Liberal candidate. SANDWICH. Lord C'. Paget is added to the Liberal candidates. SCARBOROUGH. Dr. A. 1'. Hayford; of Doctors' Commons, is a "moderate Conservative" candidate.

Smarreanunr. Mr. Berkeley Portman retires, to offer himself for Dorsetshire. SHOREHAM. Mr. rr. W. Pemberton is II Liberal candidate.

SHREWSBURY. Major Phibbs is a second Conservative candidate. SOMERSET, WEST. Mr. E. A. Sandford, a former Member, has offered to contest the county.

STAFFORD. Mr. C. B. Locock offers himself as successor to Mr. Wise, who retires.

STAFFORDSHIRE, Sot-nr. Both Members will retire. The only eandis date at present is Mr. W. Mathews, Liberal. STOCKPORT. Mr. W. Gibb is a Conservative candidate.

STROUD. Mr. M. M. Turner and Mr. 0. IL Bengough, Liberals, seek to gain a seat from a sitting Member. Admiral Herbert, now Member for Dartmouth, is a Conservative candidate. SnsTots, WEST. Mr. F. M. Wilson, Liberal Conservative and supporter of Palmerston, is a candidate. SUNDERLAND. Mr. Ralph Walters, late Chairman of the Eastern Counties Railway, is an ultra-Liberal candidate. gunner, WEST. Mr. Evelyn has announced his retirement. Sussex, EAST. The Honourable W. If. F. Cavendish has joined Mr. Dodson in =testing the:county with the Conservative Members, Swansea. Mr. Smith has withdrawn. TAUNTON. Sir John Ramadan retires. The Honourable W. F. Campbell, formerly Member for Cambridge, appears as a Liberal candidate.

Tniusx. Sir Charles Douglass has withdrawn Ids opposition to Si; W. P. Gallwey.

TIVERTON. Mr. Heathcoat will no retire. At this crisis, ho thinks, every man should sacrifice private convenience to public duty. TRURO. Both Members retire—Mr. E. Vivian on account of age; and Mr. H. IL Vivian to contest Glamorgenehire. Mr. A. Smith and Mr. 13. Williams, Liberals are candidates. WAKEFIELD. Mr. Leathern has withdrawn from the contest. WARWICKSEIRE, &turn. M. B. King, it general supporter of PalmerAlton, is a candidate. Wxvitotrrn. Mr. R. J. R. Campbell is a Liberal candidate.

Wiens. Mr. Aoton retires. Mr. H. Woods and Mr. F. S. Powell are candidates.

WOLVERHAMPTON. Mr. ll. Kettle is a Candidate. YORK. Sir William Miler retires.

TORRSHIME, WEST RIDING, Lord Goderich laas consented to be put in nomination.


ABERDEEN. There are now two candidates only; Mr. F. Leith and Colonel Sykes, Liberals. ARDYLLSHIRE. Mr. A. S. Finlay._is a candidate. CLACKMANNAN AND KINROSS. Mr. Johnstone retires. Lord Ilelgund seeks to succeed him.

DUMFRIES Hulloes. Mr. James Hannay, a native of Dumfries, known in London as a writer and lecturer, is a candidate. He appears to be a Liberal Conservative, and opposed to Palmerston on the China question. DUNDEE. Sir John Ogilvie is now the only candidate. DUNFERMLINE BURGHS. Mr. Lawrence Oliphant, well known for his books of travel, is a Liberal candidate. FALKIRK BURGHS. Mr. Merry, Liberal, will oppose Mr. Baird. "The Baird despotism" is to be overthrown. FIFEEIHRE. Lord Loughborough is a candidate. GREENOCK. The latest report is that Mr. Dunlop will stand again. Sir Henry ltawlinson therefore retires. • KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE. Mr. Maxwell of Glenlee is a Liberal candidate to succeed Mr. Mackie. Mr. Mackie's son, James, is also a candidate. PAISLEY. Mr. H. C. Ewing, a Glasgow manufacturer, was proposed in opposition to Mr. A. Hastie, and Mr. Mastic has retired. Mr. C. Words. 'worth, a London barrister, is a second candidate. PERTHSHIRE. Lord James Murray, Whig, is to oppose the sitting Member Mr. Stirling of Keir, in "the orkshire of Scotland." ST. ANDREWS BURGHS. Mr. Brown Douglas, Liberal, opposes Mr. Ellice. SELKIRKSHIRE. Mr. J. N. Murray contests the county with Mr. Lockhart. STIRLING BURGHS. Sir James Anderson has withdrawn his resignation, and will stand again. Wicx Bunous. Lord John Hay, Liberal, is to oppose Mr. Laing. Mr. Loch is a third candidate.

Wiorow Helaine. Sir John M'Taggart retires, finding himself unequal to the toil of Parliamentary service. Sir William Dunbar, Liberal, is a candidate.


ARMAGH. Mr. S. B. Millar, Q.C., will contest the city with Mr. Bond. BELFAST. Mr. John Rea, solicitor, is a Radical candidate. CASHEL Bououon. Mr. W. F. Lodge is a candidate : his political leanings are a secret ; he does not refer to them in his address. CLARE COUNTY. .Five Liberal candidates are in the field ; Mr. H. White, Lord Francis Conyngham, Mr. P. Creagh, Mr. Skerritt, and Mr. F. Caleutt.

DunList errs*. Mr. Reynolds is a candidate. DUBLIN COUNTY. There are two Liberal candidates, Sir C. Domville and Sir ingsmil I. FERMANAGH COUNTY. Mr. Y. V. G. Porter is a candidate : he will support Lord Palmerston in settling the China quarrel. KILKENNY Crrr. Captain G. Kelsham is an ultra-Radical candidate. KILKENNY Cousirr, The Honourable A. Ellis is a Liberal candidate. LoNnoNnEtutx COUNTY. Admiral Jones, Conservative, retires, after twenty-four years' service. LONGFORD COUNTY. The Honourable W. Forbes is a second Liberal candidate.

LOUTH COUNTY. Two new candidates, Mr. Bellew and Mr. Kennedy, seek to oust the sitting Members. • MALLOW. Mr. H. -Windsor, Liberal Conservative, and supporter of Lord Palmerston in the Chinese matter, is a candidate. MAYO COUNTY. Captain PRIMO/ I8 a Conservative candidate : his father, Sir R. Palmer, has immense estates in the county. NEW Ross. Mr. S. R. Graves is a candidate : he holds a high position at Liverpool as a shipowner. Sir T. Redington has withdrawn. Na WILY Bbaouon. Mr. W. E. Lendiack, Moderate Conservative, opposes Mr. Kirk.

PORTARLINGTON. Mr. Dawson Darner, Conservative, opposes Colonel Dunne.

SLIGO Honour:in. Mr. Wynne will be opposed. Three Liberals are before the constituency : Mr. Stoner, so well blown for his recall from an Australian legal appointment ; Mr. John Ball; and Mr. James O'Dowd Junior, the son of u law-officer in the Customs, formerly connected with the


WATERFORD CITY. Mr. Meagher retires. Sir H. W. Barron, Mr. C. O'Dwyer, and Mr. M. Ilussard, are new candidates. WRILFORD BOROUGH. Captain F. Hughes, R.N., is It candidate. YouonAL. Mr. Smith, a Tory, will oppose Mr. Butt.