21 MARCH 1969, Page 34

Sir: Dr Rowan Wilson (14 March) appears to adopt a

highly questionable line of argument.

Self-improvement can come only from self- criticism, and Dr Rowan Wilson is very wrong to interpret the objective self-assessment which It is surely right to criticise the excessive is a current trend as unhealthy self-flagellation. Si materialism and the lack of religious faith Yi in our society without becoming neurotic over them. Tt would submit that the brotherhood of man is far from being an outdated concept, and is one which should continue to gain support in the columns of your journal.

When he -writes with such confidence that nobody can reasonably be asked to accept re- sponsibility without power, Dr Rowan Wilson implies that the underdeveloped nations should not expect our help without our domination. This is plain selfishness and renders whatever else Dr Rowan Wilson might say in his article invalid.

M. J. Hall 20 Sherard Road, Eltham, London SE9