21 NOVEMBER 1835, Page 3

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Mr. William Hanbury, of Kelmarsh, in Northamptonshire, and who is also the proprietor of an estate in Herefordshire, is to be the Whig candidate for the Northern division of Northamptonshire in opposition to Mr. Maunsell, the Tory. Mr. Hanbury was elected to represent Northampton in 1807 and 1812: in 1832, he was defeated in a contest for the county by Lord Brudenell ; the numbers being—for Lord Mil- ton 1562, Brudenell 1541, Hanbury 1455, Tryon 1269.The propor- tionate strength of the two parties is not much altered since 1832, and a severe contest is expected.

Lord Robert Manners, the Duke of Rutland's brother, died at Bel- voir Castle, after two days' illness, on Sunday evening. He was out hunting on Thursday, and shooting on Friday ; on Saturday he was taken ill, and the physician immediately declared that he could not recover. The nature of his complaint is not given. By the death of Lord Robert Manners, a vacancy is made in the representation of North Leicestershire ; where the Duke of Rutland's interest predo- minates.

Mr. Peregrine Townley, of Townley, a Roman Catholic gentleman of very large property and popular manners, has announced his inten- tion of opposing Mr. Wilson Patten at the next election for North Lancashire. Mr. Townley professes to be a Whig and "something more."

The number of voters contained in the new register for the county of Lancaster, is' for the Northern division, 9843, being an increase on the last year of 3262; and for the Southern division, 1700, being an increase of 6281: Mr. Greg, a manufacturer of Bury, and a stanch Liberal, has been invited to oppose Mr. Greene, the Tory Member for Lancaster' on the dissolution of the present Parliament. The requisition to Mr. Greg was signed by a majority of the now registered electors ; and he has given a favourable answer to it. Mr. Greg is, we understand, an intelligent and accomplished gentleman, as well as an excellent man of business.

The Devizes election will not take place till the 24th instant. Elec- tioneering meetings are held repeatedly, and party feeling runs very, bigb--Reading Mercury. The Hampshire Chronicle states it as a rumour, that Sir Richarda Sitieon, one of the Members for the Isle of Wight, is about to resign?' Arms on the ground of all health. [The Tories declare that (kr are certain of replacing Sir Richard Simeon with their candidate, Mr. G. H. Ward ; but it is understood that the Reformers rather gained than lost ground at the registration ; and at the last election the nam. hers were—for Sir R. Simeon 560, Mr. Ward 426. There is some talk of the Reformers calling upon Mr. Bonham Carter to oppose Mr. Ward, should he be brought forward ; but Mr. Carter will scarcely abandon his safe seat for Portsmouth.]