21 NOVEMBER 1835, Page 5

Sir Robert Peel is to be invited to a grand

dinner at Londonderry. The following noblemen and gentlemen have agreed to act as a corn. mittee on the occasion—the Marquises of Londonderry, Waterford, Downshire, Abercorn, and Ely ; the Earls of Enniskillen and Wick- low; Lords Farnham, Ferrard, and Dufferin ; Colonel Conolly, Sir R. Bateson, Captain Jones, and Mr. Barre Beresford. It remants to be seen whether Sir Robert will have the imprudent hardihood to ven- ture into this den of Orangeism. One would suppose that recollec- tions of 1829—of the bitter reviling then showered upon the " Peel and Dawson crew "—would deter him ; even if it suited his cautious policy to commit himself by so decided a step. The faction would gladly have him theirs beyond redemption ; but they have a slippery person to deal with in Sir Robert Plausible. If he should accept, it will give O'Connell the best possible opportunity for publishing his promised Letter to Peel—the companion-piece of the immortal Wel- lingtoniad.