21 NOVEMBER 1835, Page 7


Arrived-Off Weymouth. Nov. 20th. Courier, Palmer, from the Cape. At St. Re- Jena, Sept. 20th, John Taylor, Crawford. from Bombay ; 27th, Margaret, Stottesbury, from the Cape; and Frank, Selwright,from China; 28th. Sarah, Saler, front Singe- pore; Kent, Cowlro, from Bombay ; Achilles, Duncan, from Ceylon; Mama. Sal- mon, from Mauritius; Aliquis, NPFee; and William Turner, Leitch, from Bombay; and 291.11, Shepherdess, Glasgow, from China. Sailed-From Gravesend, Nov. 15th, Upton Castle, Duggan. for Bombay ; Janet. Burgh, for Ceylon ; and 20th, Camilla. 5lakall, for Van Dieineu's Land.