21 NOVEMBER 1885, Page 22

Cassell's Saturday Magazine (Cassell and Co.) presents its annual

volume in a handsome volume of more than eight hundred quarto (or are they " elephantine " octavo ?) pages. It contains seven serial stories, most of them begun and finished in the course of the volume.

(This, we cannot but think, should be a rule to which no exception

should be made.) Then there are about eighty short stories, mis- cellaneous articles, notes on household matters, and, not less enter- taining and instructive than the other contents, under the title of "Everybody's Business," answers to correspondents. One feels a great temptation to discourse about these. We should like to know more about the ambitious gentleman who wants to become a good linguist, and is very judiciously advised to " begin with Latin and Greek." That will occupy him for the present. When will he want to know what to go on with next ? It would be interesting to know more of the circle where long whist is still played, and to which apparently the knowledge that tricks count before honours has not yet penetrated.