21 NOVEMBER 1885, Page 22

Messrs. Routledge have sent us their yearly volumes :—Eloutledge's Every

Boy's Annual, edited by Edmund Rontledge, and Routledge's Every Girl's Annual, edited by Miss Alicia Leith, each of them ex- cellent in its way, and happily adapted for its special public. Each has two serial stories ; in the former, they are " For Name and Fame," by Mr. G. A. Henty, and " Keraban the Inflexible," by M. Jules Verne; in the latter, "Florence," by Miss Alice.Weber, and "Little Great-Grandmother," by Mrs. Herbert Martin. We may mention especially the pretty coloured illustrations in the Girl's Annual to the series of papers entitled " A Peep at Foreign Lands."—From the same publishers we have also received an old favourite, which we are glad to welcome again, Little 1Vide•Awake. Edited by Mrs. Sale Barker.—The illustrations are for the most part very good, and the reading well suited to the little ones.