21 NOVEMBER 1885, Page 23

Al Soldier Born. By J. Percy Groves. (Griffith, Farran, and

Co.) —This is a sufficiently good story of the usual military type. Cuth- bert Cumberbatch is the son of a retired officer whose own career has been unluckily cut short by an accident. He obtains a commission without purchase jut before the Crimean War, goes out to the East, and after various preliminary adventures, among which the saving of a young lady from being drowned in the Bosphoras is prominent, takes part in the Battle of the Alma. After this, in company with two com- rades, one of them a French officer, he is taken prisoner. Imprisonment brings them into contact with the rescued young lady, who is the niece of a Russian General. Thus comes in a love affair. From the Crimea the regiment returns to England, and thence, after a year's home-service, goes out to take part in the Indian Mutiny. There is plenty of incident, briskly narrated, in A Soldier Born.