21 NOVEMBER 1885, Page 23

For Name and Fame; or, Through Afghan Passes. By G.

A. Henty. (Blackie and Son.)—Mr. Henty encloses one of the military stories which he knows—and, indeed, has good reason for knowing—how to tell so well, in a frame which, in part at least, has done duty before. A retired officer's son is stolen by gipsies, in revenge for his action as a Magistrate, is brought up in a workhouse, and commences life as a boy on board a North-Sea smack. The smack is sent to the bottom by a collision with a Dutch vessel. But we must leave Mr. Henty to tell for himself the story of how the hero finds his way into the "Afghan Passes," how he behaved himself there, how he wins his way to a commission, and, finally, how he is recognised and restored to his rightful position. A very spirited and stirring narrative it is, and with the fresh interest that attaches to recent history.