21 NOVEMBER 1885, Page 3

Yet perhaps the language we have just quoted may be

sufficient reply to Mr. Bosworth Smith's outburst against Mr. Gladstone, in yesterday's Times, for not committing himself, as Dean Oakley tells us that nothing would induce him to commit himself. Mr. Bosworth Smith seems to us to be doing a good deal of harm by his strong language as to the 480 Liberationists : —"Already the 480 Liberationists are scuttling like rats out of

the sinking vessel. It would be amusing, if it were not so sad, to see the paltry shifts and evasions," &c. That is very irritating language, and so far as we can judge, as inaccurate as it is irritating. There has been a great deal of hastiness and ignorance about the proposals for Disendowment ; and the more generous Nonconformists having led the way iu discover- ing the injustice of certain very unscrupulous tentative pro- posals, a good many are following their very wise lead. That is not properly to be called "scuttling out of the sinking ship." The twin vessels, Disestablishment and Disendowment. have not been launched as yet,—luckily for the nation,—but it will be time enough when they are launched and go down, to crow over their waterlogged condition.