21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 11

Joan and Jerry. By Mrs. O'Reilly. (W. and R. Chambers.)—

Mrs. O'Reilly always tells her stories well. A fine taste keeps her from exaggeration in the drawing of character, and she can interest her readers without startling incidents or surprises. In Joan and Jerry, nothing happens but what might have been easily anticipated; and yet no reader will feel disposed to lay down the volume until it has been finished. Joan is a spirited little creature, who has plenty of wits, and gives herself full credit for all that she has. Her mother, patient, loving, keeping up a cheerful look, though her heart is almost breaking, is a quite admirable picture, genuinely pathetic, without the least attempt at pathos ; and there is a strain of humour throughout the tale. The dancing-school, and Joan's experiences as " pupil-dancer," are always entertaining. We can recommend Joan and Jerry highly.