21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 11

The Lonely Pyramid. By J. H. Yoxall. Illustrated. (Blackie and

Son.)—This is a lively story of adventure in a lost oasis and pyramid, with El Mandi thrown in. The style is somewhat grandiloquent and exalted, and hardly accords with the common- place characters, but it is not without a certain vividness and picturesqueness. The Negro is made to talk a great deal too much, and not too cleverly, so that we get tired of him. The de- scription of the interior of the pyramid, a vast hall with idols in it, is weird and impressive. Mr. Yoxall might do better than The Lonely Pyramid, a fairly good story, if he would make his letter- press more in accordance with his characters, or else write his characters a little more up to the mark of his descriptions of pyramid interiors and desert scenery.