21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 12

P's and Q's ; and Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe. By

Charlotte M. Yonge. (Macmillan.)—The first half of this volume is occupied by a story of a slight kind, though told with Miss Yonge's accus- tomed charm Paullina Quintall thinks that she and her brothers and sisters, but especially herself and her brother, are " put upon " by the two half-sisters who have recently joined the family circle owing to their grandmother's death, and who naturally take up a position of authority in it. Hence arise various misunderstandings and troubles, culminating when Paullina contrives an elaborate scheme to procure a forbidden holiday for her brother. This brother, a careless, good-hearted young fellow, who cares for nothing in the world so much as a new butterfly, is the best-drawn character in the book. " Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe " consists of a number of lively sketches of the national habits of many countries, scenes which a little patient who is suffering from a mild attack of scarlatina is supposed to see in her dreams. We cannot exactly praise the illustrations, but they are very quaint, reminding us not a little of those with which Thackeray used to adorn his stories.