21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 14

In Mathematical text-books, we have received :—Analytical Statics. By Edward

John Routh. Part I. (Cambridge University Press.)—The Theory of Determinants. Part I., " Determinants in General, Leibnitz (1693) to Cayley (1841)." By Thomas Muir, M.A. (Macmillan.)—The Elements of Statics and Dynamics. By S. L. Loney, M.A. (Cambridge University Press.)—Elementary Treatise on Hydrodynamics and Sound. By A. B. Bassett, M.A. (Deighton, Bell, and Co., Cambridge.)—Supplement to the Student's Plane Trigonometry. .By Thomas Roney. (W. H. Allen and Co.)— Light, Heat, and Sound. By C. H. Draper. (Blackie and Son.) — Hydrostatics for Beginners. By T. W. Sanderson, M.A. (Mac- millan.)—Trigonometry of One Angle, by the Rev. J. B. Lock (same publisher), and also Elementary Dynamics of Particles and Solids, by W. M. Hicks, M.A.—A. First Mathematical course, (Blackie and Son), comprising arithmetic, algebra to simple equa- tions, and Euclid i.—Pitt Press Euclid. By H. M. Taylor, M.A. Books i. and ii. (Cambridge University Press.)—Euclid iii. and iv. By H. S. Hall and F. H. Stevens. (Macmillan.)—A New Edition of Euclid i. By H. Deighton. (Deighton, Bell, and Co.) — The " Progressive" Euclid. By A. T. Richardson. (Macmil- lan.)—Rider Papers, Euclid i. and ii. By Rupert Deakin, M.A. (Same publisher.)—Arithmetic for Beginners. By J. Brooksmith and E. J. Brooksmith. (Same publisher.) —The 81torth,and of Arithmetic. By M. Jackson. (Sampson Low, Marston, and Co.)— Elements of Crystallography, by G. H. Williams (Macmillan), a second edition.—Elementary Lessons in Heat, Light, and Sound. By D. E. Jones, B.Sc. (Macmillan.)—A seventh edition of Measures, Weights, and Moneys of all Nations, by W. I. B. Wool- house (Crosby Lockwood).