21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 17


frIHE Times of Wednesday published an immense letter from -I- its Paris correspondent, who, whether well informed or not, often acts as a speaking-trumpet for very imPortant people, intended to minimise the meaning of M. de Giers's visit to Paris. He says the object of that mission is to smooth relations between France and Italy, as they have already been smoothed between Italy and Russia, the former making concessions about the Dardanelles. There can, therefore, be no •question of a written treaty between Russia and France, which, indeed, is needless, as there is already an understanding. That -is all correct, we dare say; only it is exactly what would-be said if a treaty were to be signed which it was intended to keep strictly secret till the time when it was expedient to reveal it. Such secrecy is specifically authorised by the French Constitution. The Foreign Minister of Russia may not be going to Paris to sign anything, but he is not going, we may rely on it., as a traveller in Italian goods, or to attend a performance at the Opera.