21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 17

Rumours are still current of financial troubles coming on the

Continent, but they take no definite form. It is clear, however, that in Vienna, Berlin, and Paris, there is acute apprehension, the idea being that powerful Banks are over- loaded with securities which have temporarily lost their

value, and that, consequently, any accident may compel them to close. In Berlin, the losses occasioned by the Russian famine, and by the steady fall of the rouble and of Russian securities, must be very large ; while in Paris the new Russian loan cannot be sold, and great houses are embarrassed with Brazilian paper. It is even reported that the Government, fearing a crash, has induced the Rothschilds to take over £5,000,000 of the Russian loan, which is possible at a price, but improbable, as the Jews mean to have vengeance for their persecution. In Vienna, on Saturday, there was a regular scare, it being reported that the Emperor had told Polish Deputies that, in his judgment, the Russian famine had in. creased-the danger of war. His Ministers only admit that his Majesty said things were " serious ; " but for three hours, good securities, especially Galician Railway shares, were tossed upon the market at any pricer There is nothing to indicate increased danger of war, but distrust is nearly universal.