21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 17

The South Molton election has yielded a great triumph to

the Gladstonians. Mr. Lambert is returned by 4,222 votes against 3,010 for Mr. Buller,—majority, 1,212. The Con- stituency has wheeled Completely round, and reversed the judgment of 1886, when Lord Lymington polled 4,041 against only 2,352 given to the Gladstonian candidate, Mr. Walker. It is asserted that the organisation .of the Unionist Party has been grossly neglected during the last few years, while for a good year back Mr. Lambert has been organising the Glad- stonians with great skill and success ; and no doubt Mr. Buller was quite a stranger to the constituency. Still, there is no use in attempting to explain away facts so substantial as these. Whether they mean electoral indifference to the Irish Question, or electoral caprice, or new-found electoral enthusiasm, they unquestionably mean that UniOnism has no Charm at present for the great majority of the South Holton electors. If the by-elections are trustworthy omens, we shall undoubtedly lose a good many seats in the rural districts of the South-West and East of England.