21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 19

The news from Brazil is still not quite clear, the

reports of secession from Park, Bahia, and San Paolo being neither con- firmed nor denied. On Wednesday, however, a telegram was received from Monte Video which reads as if it were true, and clears up the intelligence from Rio Grande do Sal. According to this account, on the proclamation of the new Revolution, the Republicans and Monarchists of the province united their strength, and, being joined by the Army and part of the Fleet, proclaimed a Provisional Junta, headed by Senhor Assis Brazil. This Junta will await the action of other provinces, and if they rise against the Dictator, will join them, forming, say other accounts, a Republic, with large local liberties ; but if they do not, will secede, probably joining Uruguay, which would thus become a powerful State seated on both banks of the River Plate. There is no resistance within the province, and the Volunteer Army is so strong that it talks of marching on Rio, rather a serious undertaking, as the capital is 1,200 miles away, and the road without supplies. The Dictator of Brazil is trying to raise a loan, and to employ the Fleet against • his enemies ; but he is not popular even in Rio, and, comparing all accounts, we should say that the days of Brazil, as this generation has known it, are numbered. The off-chance is that the Monarchists, supported probably by the black population, which owes so much to Dom Pedro, may, by appealing to the lingering desire for unity, restore the Imperial throne. It must not be forgotten that the Portuguese in Brazil have been exceptionally cruel slave- owners, and have always before them the dread of an uprising of the Blacks.