21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 19

The Socialists are still gaining ground in Berlin. The -great

rise in the price of provisions caused by the Pro- tectionist policy, and by the demand for food in Western Russia, has exasperated the discontent in the poorer -classes, who already live in cellars, and have nothing but bare bread. Accordingly, in fifteen contests for seats in the Municipal Council filled on Wednesday, six have fallen to the Socialists, who will also, it is believed, carry two more on the second ballots. The remaining seven have fallen, -or will, it is believed, fall to Liberals, every Conservative being -defeated. The Socialists are now striving hard throughout Prussia for municipal victories, as they think with the towns in their hands they can try experiments ; but the policy seems a little sterile. They always have to ask the 3onsent of Government to important steps, and the Government, if pro- perty is seriously threatened, will not hesitate to suspend municipal liberties. It should be noted, however, in con- sidering the violence of the party, that the distress must be wry grave indeed, a considerable section of the citizens, pro- bably a fifth, being wholly unable to pay either rent or taxes, avhile there is no automatic Poor-Law.