21 NOVEMBER 1891, Page 9

Wild Meg and Wee Dickie. By Mary E. Ropes. (Blackie

and Son.)—It must be allowed that the characters and incidents in this story are somewhat idealised. The moral changes effected in the very unpromising dramatis persons are quite surprising, not to say miraculous,—perhaps all moral changes are miraculous. " Mother Grump," who begins with being a hard-hearted old hag, develops into a quite estimable old lady ; Mrs. Lawrence, who is capable of letting out a sick child for hire to a professional beggar, is found to have a really kind heart ; and a father who has deserted his wife and daughter, not only dies repentant, but leaves a hand- some little fortune to his child. We should not have objected to one of these miracles, but the combination is too much. Apart from this consideration, the story is well told.