21 NOVEMBER 1903, Page 9

Girls Together. By Louise Mack (Mrs. J. P. Creed). (Andrew

Melrose. 3s. 6d.)—This is a continuation of the "Story of Girl Life in Australia" which was given in a volume entitled "Teens." Lennie Leighton is now at school. She does not make a great intellectual success ; indeed, when she seeks what we may call matriculation she is fairly "plucked." Mrs. Creed does not lack courage, it will be seen, in dealing with her heroine. The "school" element, or rather, the book side of the school, is not made prominent in the story. Nevertheless, the narrative is distinctly interesting. The study of character is excellent, especially as it is worked out in the critical situation when Mabel, Lennie's dearest friend, is engaged to Bert, her brother. And she had vowed—faithless creature—to be her companion in old-maidhood.