21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 10

„Peeps at Many Lands of the World. By Ascott R.

Hope. (A. and C. Black. 3s. 6d. net.)—Mr. Hope, who knows well how to put what he has to say, begins with England and takes us from there over the whole world,—to Europe, to the East (Near and Far), to Africa (North, Central, and South), to Australia, and to America. There is a businesslike character about the book. No one can read it without picking up much practically valuable information.—In the Teeth of Adventure. Edited by Alfred Miles. (Stanley Paul and Co. 5s.)—Here we are taken to some of the countries described above, but the aspect is very different. The book contains "true stories of real peril told by men and boys from personal experience." Panthers in a Texas cotton-field, wolves in Minnesota, wild dogs in Hawaii, lions in Africa, and tigers in India are among the creatures to which we are intro- duced. It is a quite fascinating volume, with a spice of fiction, we imagine, but altogether readable.