21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 12


Nature Studies by Night and Day. By F. C. Snell. (T. Fisher Unwin. 5s.)—The naturalist-photographer who publishes a volume of slender natural history studies, illustrated with the work of his own camera, finds many rivals in the field. If his book is to make a mark, he must have a peculiar gift in writing, or his photographs must have exceptional excellence. Many of Mr. Snell's photographs are good, and he disarms tile critic by admitting in his preface that his book contains nothing new or startling. It is dedicated to his friends the members of the Canterbury Nature Students' Club. There are so many Nature students nowadays that Mr. Snell's book may very likely find readers who will derive pleasure and knowledge from it. He tells us something of the life-history of the arum, the drosera, and other plants. One essay describes the change from tadpole to frog; another deals superficially with the study of fungi.