21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 13


The Lace Book. By N. Hudson Moore. (Hodder and Stoughton. 8s. 6d. net.)—There are many curious and interesting things about lace, and the people who made and wore it, in this book. The sumptuary laws in all the lace-making countries, which were intended to prevent extravagance, seem really to have encouraged it, and the accounts of the lavish way in which lace was used on all sorts of incongruous people and things, and the enormous sums of money spent on it, are almost incredible. It is wonderful that so much old lace has survived the rough treatment which it must have received when it was used even to decorate carriages and horses. The first part of the book is an account of "The Growth of Lace " ; then each of the lace-making countries is taken separately, and their work described generally and in detail. The pictures are good, and are well chosen to illustrate varieties of lace and the way in which it was worn by men, women, and children. The author is an American.