21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 13

The Roman Wall. By Maria A. Royer. (D. Nutt. 2s.

6d. net.) —This is a very agreeable narrative of how the writer and a companion visited the Roman Wall, and saw what it has to show from Chollerford, where for the purposes of the sightseer it practically begins, as far as Bowness. The travellers had made themselves acquainted with the standard work of Dr. Collingwood Bruce on the subject. What he says they illustrate, so to speak, with a pleasing succession of personal observations and experiences. The aspect of the country round about, the little agrements and desagrements of travel, with a reflection or a senti- ment here and there, are tactfully introduced. Altogether, it is a volume which a visitor to the Wall may very profitably take with him. Illustrations representing various notable objects have been introduced, and they are welcome. But we venture to think that a more serviceable map might have been supplied. What we have is apparently a reproduction of the Ordnance map, and it gives us too much. What we want is the Wall and its neighbourhood, and nothing more. A map for special use should have nothing but what that special use requires.