21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 14

The Indian Christians of St. Thomas. By the Rev. W.

J. Richards, D.D. (Beinrose and Sons. 2s. ed. net.)—The native Christians of Malabar are a highly interesting community, with a history which is well worth study. They are divided, it is true. There is the Roman section, the Jacobite, and the Reformed. Every Church history is more or less a history of division, and this is not an exCeption. Still, it is no small thing that the light of Christian truth has been preserved in circumstances so adverse. Dr. Richards has laboured among the Hindu population. in Travancore and Cochin for more than thirty years, and has much to tell us about these fellow-Christians. He relates the history of the relations between them and the Anglican Church. It certainly contrasts with the dealings of Rome with them. It is hardly correct to say that Nestorius "asserted that the Deity came upon Jesus only at His Baptism." His own account of his teaching, which we have an opportunity of comparing with that ascribed to him by his adversaries, does not bear out the statement.