21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 19

• The long campaign against corruption in San Francisco has

been marked by another sensational incident. On Friday week Mr. Francis Heney, the chief prosecutor of the "grafters," was shot in the head and dangerously wounded by a man named Haas, who has since committed suicide in prison. The attempted assassination took place in the Court in which Abraham Ruef is being tried for the third time ; and Haas, who qualified for a juror a few weeks ago, had been exposed by Mr. Heney as an ex-convict. As a result of this crime, Ruef has been refused farther freedom on bail, and, according to the Times correspondent, there is likely to be a revulsion of popular feeling in favour of the prosecution, which has lately been fighting a losing game. Mr. Heney, who has shown extraordinary courage throughout the whole business, will, it is hoped, live to carry the campaign to a successful issue.