21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 19

In the House of Commons on Thursday the Prime Minister,

in answer to a question from Mr. Akers-Douglas, announced that the proposals which the Government were about to submit to the House on the subject of education would not take the form of amendments to the Bill which bad already been read a second time, but would be presented to the House as a new Bill. These proposals were the outcome of prolonged com- munications in various quarters, and they would be put forward, not as the plan which the Ministry regarded as ideally the best, but as one which all parties who are really anxious for settlement without sacrifice of principle on either side concur in accepting. The representatives of the Non- conformists on the one band, and the Archbishop of Canter- bury on the other, were prepared to support the Government proposals, though it is understood that neither party claimed authority to bind either the members of the Church of England or the Nonconformist bodies as a whole. Both, however, have given assurance that as far as their authority and influence would go, they would es claim° acquiesce in the settlement embodied in the Bill, and give their support to its being brought into effect. The Bill would be in the hands of Members on Saturday, and it was hoped that the second reading would be taken on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.