21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 19

The appointment of Dr. Lang, the Bishop of Stepney, to

the archbishopric of 'York was announced on Monday. In view of Dr. Lang's youth—he is only forty-four—and the lack of precedent for promoting a suffragan to an archbishopric, the appointment has excited considerable surprise and some disappointment. But the grounds for Mr. Asquith's choice are potent and varied. Dr. Lang is admittedly a man of strong personality and remarkable attainments. After a brilliant academic career, he made his mark in parish work at Leeds, as an Oxford don and vicar of St. Mary's, as vicar of Portsea, while for the last seven years as Bishop of Stepney be has exercised a powerful influence both as a preacher and organiser. Few men have crowded into fifteen years a wider experience of Church work, and his promotion has caused least surprise amongst those who know him best..