21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 19

The elections in New Zealand have resulted in the return

of the Government to power, but with a considerably reduced majority. The Government Whip, Mr. Kidd, was heavily defeated, the Minister for Lands lost his seat—the first time such a thing has happened for eighteen years in New Zealand —and several other prominent members of the Liberal Party were also beaten. Apart from the personal aspect of the elections and the weakening of the Seddon tradition, their most remarkable feature has been the progress of the Prohibi- tion movement. "No license" has been carried in nine areas, and reduction in five others. A propos of the fact that the principle of the second ballot had been adopted for the first time, and will be applied next Tuesday in twenty-ono electorates, we note that the Times takes occasion to comment on the progress of a similar movement in this country. It is necessary, however, to enter the caveat that the Proportional Representation Society here is strongly opposed to the second ballot. Such a system, in single-Member areas, would leave minorities worse off than they are at present.