21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 19

With Mr. Asquith's announcement may be taken the very interesting

statement as to the nature of the compromise which is to be found in the political notes in Friday's Times. The chief points on which it is understood that an agreement has been reached are as follows :— " (1) Public control of transferred schools, including the appointment of teachers by the local authority.

(2) The abolition of tests for teachers.

(3) A statutory right of entry to the denominations for the purpose of denominational instruction, the facilities to be com- pulsory.

(4) Assistant teachers in all future Council schools to be allowed to volunteer to give denominational instruction.

(5) 'A certain number of non-Provided schools to be allowed to stay outside the Act, if they so wish. Such schools, having a certain percentage of pupils belonging to one denomination, would be regarded as purely denominational schools, and would receive the Imperial grant.

(6) No payment out of rates to be made for denominational teaching, such teaching in future Council schools to be given at the expense of the denomination.

(7) Rent to be paid, within certain limitations, to the trustees of non-Provided schools for the use of their buildings."