21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 30

[To THE EDITOR Or TUE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—Let us suppose the

following impossible settlement :— (1) One type of school throughout England; only teaching in accordance with the tenets of the Church of England to be given, supported by the rates. (2) Permission to be given to the Roman Catholics, Jews, Nonconformists, and Churchmen who agree with the Spectator to enter the schools and teach their children at their own expense. Would not Noncon- formists rightly say : "We are (1) handing over all our property [for so they call the Provided schools], and (2) paying double through the rates, and also extra for our own teaching " ? Yet it is now proposed that we should (1) hand over all the Church schools (these really are our property; the Roman Catholics and Jews would suffer also), and (2) pay double first for " Cowper-Templeism " (through the rates), and also extra for our own teaching. This may seem fair and just to the Spectator, but it does not to me, and we laity of Lancashire are not going to take it lying down. I would ask the Spectator to .publish this letter in the interests of fair play, but I doubt if it will give me a hearing, although as a sidesman and layman I have a right, I think, to be heard.—I am, Sir, &c.,