21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 35



(November 18th, 1908.—His Majesty opened the Memorial Hall built at Eton in memory of Etonians who fell in South Africa.)

What message do they send us, here, to-day?

LET Eton flourish! Flourish ? Aye, but how ?

By plucking fruit from Learning's topmost bough ? By short-lived victory on stream or field With triumph such as well-fought game may yield ? Eton ! a nobler wreath shall deck thy brow.

By stored-up wealth? or titles hardly won, With public honour for some brilliant son?

Dost claim the swelling Dome and stately Hall, 'With boast of velvet mead and elm-tree tall ?

Wealth P Honour? Nay, thy task is scarce begun.

To-day, when memory bids us here recall The Bright, the Brave, so early doomed to fall, Eton ! store up their message in thy heart, First learn thy lesson, then thou may'st impart

The glory which is theirs—and thine—to all.

Come then the foeman's fateful blow !

Or, worse, the worst our Fatherland may know, Come luxury, corruption's sordid stain, Come squalor, vice, the humbler soul to chain, Eton ! the Voices cheer thee. Onward go.

Fight on, in faith, till brighter suns shall rise; Before thee, clear, the golden pathway lies Hedged in by Valour and with Honour paved!

Bee foeman vanquished, and a people saved, Our loved ones' message this . . . "Self-sacrifice."

C. M.