21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 46

NEW EDITIONS.—The Text of the New Testament, by the Rev.

K. Lake, in the series of "Oxford Church Text-Books" (Rivingtons, Is. net).—Dictionary of National Biography, Edited by Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee, IX., "Harris—Hovenden" (Smith, Elder, and Co., 158. net), containing XXV.-XXVII. of the original edition.—The Law of Master and Servant. By Sir John Macdonell. Edited by Edward A. Mitchell Innes, M.A., K.C. (Stevens and Sons. 255.)—The original edition appeared in 1883, and the subject has become much larger and more complex by the legislation of a quarter of a century. How complex it is may be judged from the fact that the "Table of Cases" runs to sixty- three pages, and must include about two thousand five hundred items, while the "Table of Statutes" covers about eleven. Of those previous to the reign of Queen Victoria there are seventy- four ; a hundred and fifty-three belong to the reign of Victoria, and fifteen to that of Edward VII.—Handbook of Commercial Geography. By George G. Chisholm, M.A. (Longmans and Co. 15s. net.)—Revised, with an additional chapter on "Trade Routes."—A Literary History of the Adelphi and its Neighbour- hood. By Austin Brereton. (T. Fisher 17nwin. 10s. 6d. net.) Messrs. G. Allen and Sons publish a "Pocket Edition" of the writings of Maurice Maeterlinck (2s. 6d. net per vol.) These are Aglavaine and Selysette, Translated by Alfred Sutro, . with Introduction by J. W. Mackail; The Life of the Bee, Trans- lated by the same ; The Treasure of the Humble, Translated by the same, with Introduction by A. B. Walkley ; Wisdom and Destiny, Translated by the same ; and Sister Beatrice and Arlene, and Barbe Bleue, Translated by Bernard Miall.—In "Nelson's Shilling Library" (T. Nelson and Sons), The Psalms in Human Life, by Rowland E. Prothero ; The Life of Gladstone, by Herbert W. Paul; The Memories of Dean Hole; and Wild Life in a Southern County, by Richard Jefferies.—The Abbey of S. Mary Newbottle. By the Rev. J. C. Carrick. (G. Lewis and Co., Stirling.)—Shore- ditch and the East End. By Sir Walter Besant. (A. and C. Black. is. 6d. net.)