21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 9

Children of the Dawn : Old Tales of Greece. By

Elsie Finne- ntore Buckley. With Introduction by Arthur Sidgwick. (Wells Gardner, Darton, and Co. 6s.)—Miss Buckley comes with the commendation expressed by laudari a laudato viro. And, indeed, she tells these stories once more with much grace and skill. We cannot wholly approve of her choice,—the "Oedipus " legend would have been better left alone. The charming "Eros and Psyche" legend we are always glad to see, but, as Mr. Sidgwick does not fail to point out, these two were not "children of the dawn," but creatures of an age when the Greek mind had taken to philo- sophical allegory. But this is a trifle. The volume, with its pictures, by pen or pencil, of Alcestis, Atalanta, and others, is a charming one.