21 NOVEMBER 1908, Page 9

Stories of the Irish Saints: Told for Children. By the

Rev. J. Sinclair Stevenson. (R.T.S. Is. net.)—Here we have told in appropriately simple language the story of St. Patrick of Columbkille, the "Dove of the Churches," of St. Bridget, and other notable personages in Irish Church history. We welcome the book for more than one reason, not the least being that it is to be told to the children of Protestants. Was Patrick the son of a "Christian clergyman" ? He was a decurio or Town Councillor, to give the nearest modern equivalent.—With this may be mentioned The Peace of the Church, by Mary H. Debenham (National Society, 25. 6d.) Hero are thirteen stories, taking us back to various epochs in Church history,—to Wales in the sixth century in the first, to King Edmund of the East Angles in "The Way of Service," to the days of Wilfrid in "A Fisher of Men"— did not Wilfrid teach the Sussex men to catch fish ?—and to other persons and places, always in a bright, picturesque way. Who, we may ask, was "Pritian" ? Priscianus, grammarian ?