21 NOVEMBER 1925, Page 1

After the preliminary discussions in the House of Commons on

Monday about the course of business, the Report stage of the Administration of Justice Bill was taken. The most interesting arguments turned upon the question whether Grand Juries at Quarter Sessions should be abolished. The Attorney-General pointed out that the real reason for abolishing Grand Juries, as provided for in the Bill, was that they involved waste of time and money and that they themselves had asked to be abolished, It is not often that one speech changes the whole character. of a debate, but such a speech was that of Mr. J. F. P. Rawlinson. He showed that Grand Juries at Quarter Sessions are not expensive, that they are useful and educative and that they provide an additional safeguard for the -prisoner: The Government were so far moved by this appeal that they promised to leave the matter to a free vote, and the House preserved the Grand Juries by 184 votes to 140.

* *