21 NOVEMBER 1925, Page 17


of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,--At a time when so much is being said about the relation- ship of Capital and Labour, I think the following may well be considered. Lately, one of our winders gave up her work on account of failing health. She has worked-all her life with us and has completed 53 years' service. Two of her sisters spent their working days with us---one 30 years and the other 40. -A weaver who has just ceased work through failing sight has been continuously on the same looms 40 years. We have now working for us a man who has been at this mill 56 years and who is 'still doing difficult and important work as well as any in the district. Many others of our employees have been with us over 40 years, and this could no doubt be said of many Lancashire cotton mills.

It was character like this that helped so much to build up the Lancashire cotton trade. And has not the fact that the work is based almost entirely on " piece " rates had a great deal to do in training and encouraging such workmen am, (W. T. Ashton & Sons).

Hope Mill and Whitehall 31ill, 1)areen.