21 NOVEMBER 1925, Page 17

[To the Editor of the SPEcrxron.1 Sint,—Will you allow me

to call attention to one valuable agency by which the clergy can be helped to answer the call of the Archbishop to read more, in order that they may improve the quality: of their sermons ? I refer to the system known as the Bray Libraries. The main difficulty in the way of the clergy is the expense of buying books. The Bray Libraries enable both clergy and laity to borrow theological books (renewed each year) at the small expense of 4s. a year. But in order to extend this work increased funds are required,_ and, as Chairman of the Bray Associates, I should like to appeal for help. A sum of one thousand pounds would enable the Associates to equip and maintain forty new Libraries over and above those now at work at home and overseas, and if we lay people complain of the dullness of sermons, surely we may be expected to help the clergy to improve matters in this respect. - The Archbishop is himself pur President and empowers inc.

to say that he cordially approves of the appeal which I am making with a view to extending this valuable work.

The Rules and all other details as to the formation of Bray Libraries can be obtained from the Secretary, the Rev. E. P. Sketchley, 15 Tufton Street, Westminster, S.W. 1.—I am, Sir,