21 OCTOBER 1843, Page 10


SATURDAY Motirenea.

ARRIVED— Off Falmouth, 13th Oct. Greenlaw, Morris, from China. Off Cork. Eliza- beth. Tucker. from the Cape. At Mauritius, 29th July, Union, Surflen ; Ann Mondel, Roberts ; Rookery, Bourn ; Crest, Wilkinson ; and Thomas Bly th. Hay, from London ; and Alchar, Arkley. from Greenock. At Ceylon, Belhaven, Watt, from Greenock. At China. Iris, Lintin ; and Ranger. WItlillan, from Liverpool. SAILED—From Gravesend, 19th Oct. William Hyde. Stewart. for Hongkong. From Liverpool, 14th Oct. Laidmats, Scott; and 19th. Jaegher, Redington, for Calcutta.