21 OCTOBER 1843, Page 21



On the 3d October, at the Rectory, Isham, the Lady of the Rev. SAMUEL K. WEBSTER, of a daughter. Os the 4th, at Thorpe Rectory. the Lady of the Rev. ARMINE Rename. of a daughter. On the 5th. at South Cerney House, Gloucestershire, the Lady of J. L. Barer, Esq., of Ocle Court. Herefordshire, of a son.

On the 511, at Huntingdon, the Lady of the Rev. J. C. Emma M.A., of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. and Rector of King's Riptun, Hunts, of a son.

On the 7th. at the Rectory, Alverdiscott, Devon, the wife of the Rev. W. MOLLAND Lae, of a daughter. On the 9th at the Vicarage, Exmiester, the Lady of the Rev. Jonar T. HUGO, of a son. On the 12th, at Southern House, near Cheltenham, the Hon. Mrs. HENRY SPENCER LAW, of a son. Ou the 14th, in Belgrave Square, Lady CECILIA DES WERE, of a daughter. On the 16th, at Ipswich, the Lady of Captain LETHBRIDGE, of the Royal Artillery, of a daughter.

On the 17th, the wife of Captain Heesow, Grenadier Guards, of a son.

On the 19th, the Viscountess FARMER, of a son and heir.

On the 20th, at Queen Square House, St. James's Park, Lady Sentra HOARE, of a son and heir.


On the 1st October, at Florence, the Marchese Coast SALVTATI. to FRANCES Jerre, eldest daughter of WILLIAM READER, Esq., late of Ewhurst-house. Hants. On the 9th, at Walsall, THOMAS, eldest son of Joni( JAMES. Esq. Gorway House, near Walsall. to CLARA. second daughter of RICHARD JAMES, Esq.. of the latter place. On the 12th, at Lowesby, Leicestershire, the Rev. WILLIAM LANCELOT ROLLESTON, BA. Vicar of Great Dalby, in the said county, to MARY SOPHIA, eldest daughter of Sir FREDERICK Gonave& FOWKE, Bart., of Lowesby Hall. On the 12th, at Halifax, FREDERICK EDWARD. youngest son of W. H. Rawson. Esq., of Mill House, to HARRIET SUSANNA, younger daughter of JOHN PRIESTLEY, Req., of Thorpe. On the 14th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Rev. HENRY GLYNNE, Rector of Hawarden, Flintahire, to LAVINIA, youngest sister of Lord Lirerevrox. On the 14th, at St. John's, Paddington, Gsonoe REECE. Esq., of Cardiff, second son of the late W. Reece, Lower Hall, Ledbury, Herefordshire. to MARIANNE. youngest daughter of GEORGE KNIGHT. Esq., Sussex Gardens. Hyde Park. - On the 14th, at Doncaster, EDWARD STOPFORD CLAREMONT. Esq•, of the Royal Regi- ment, to FRANCES CHARLOTTE, only daughter of Colonel Wotan/mu, C.B., Deputy Adjutant•General of the Forces in Canada.

On the 17th, at Bath, the Rev. CORNWALL SMALLEY, junior, ALA., of St. John's Col- lege, Cambridge, and Curate of Brailes, Warwickshire. to ELEANOR. eldest daughter of EDWARD Swampy, Esq., of Camden Place, Bath, aud late of the Madras Civil Service. On the 17th, at Clifton, Gloucestershire, ROBERT ROBERTSON Baum, Esq., of the Bengal Artillery, to ELIZA, youngest daughter of Maior•Geneml Fernacx, C.B. On the 18th, at Langley, Norfolk, JOHN JOCELYN Protium. Esq.. of Eriviett, Den- bighshire. to MARY ANN, eldest daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir WILLIAM Bsaucname Paoctroa. Bart., of Langley Park. Ou the leth, at Waciworth, Captain JAMES CLARKE Ross. R.N., to ANN, eldest daughter of Taow&a Couastarr, Esq., of Whiten Hall, Yorkshire.


On the 2911 April, at sea, Commander RICHARD FRANCIS CLEAVELAND. R.N. On the 26th June, at Cawnpoor, Major W. W. HUNTLEY. of the 9th, or Queen's Lamers, fourth son of the late Rev. Richard Huntley, of Boxwell Court, Gloucestershire. In June, at Calcutta, Tames KELLY KEY, Esq., youngest son of Sir John Key, Bart.; In his 25th Year.

On the 13th July, at Hong-kong. Captain Artourres H. S. Young. of Her Majesty's Fifty-fifty Regimeut, youngest son of the late Major.General Robert Young. On the 15th, at Santa Fe de Bogata. Roeswr Samaria Esq.. British Charge d'Affaires and Consul General. late %t P. for Haddington Burghs; in his 37th year.

On the 7th October. at St. Mary's Lane, Tewkesbury, Mr. EDMUND Room, an opu- lent tanner ; in his 84th year. From his eccentric habits, parsimony, and great wealth, he had acquired the appellation of " the Tewkesbury Jemmy Wood ;" he denied him- self the comforts and conveniences, if not the necessaries, of life ; aud died, as he had always lived, in a mean and filthy habitation and neighbourhood ; yet it is generally supposed that his property will very much exceed 100.0001. On the 10th, at Paris, Mr. BEAN, the Proprietor and Editor of the Liverpool Albion. On the 10th, at %Linseed, Joint HUDDLE, Esq., the eminent coal-viewer ; in his 70th year.

On the 11th. at Clifton, the Right Rev. Jams, Bowerxm, D.D., Bishop of Lichfield in his 93d year.

On thel2th. at Cheltenham. MaterraeLorrnat, relict of 'mu LLOYD WILLIAMS. Esq., late of Gwernaut Park, Cardiganshire, and second daughter of the late Right Hon. Lady MARTHA SAUNDERS. On the 13th. at Peamark Vicarage. Glamorganshire, the Rev. Joffe THOMAS CASBERD. D.C.L., Vicar of Peumark. and Prebendary of Bath and Wells and of Llandaff.

Ou the 13th, in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, Mr. Joax Boon, long eminent as a Bookseller ; in his 86th year.

On the lath. the Dowager Lady PALMER, relict of the late Sir William Henry Palmer. Bart., of Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, and Keuure Park, county of Dubliu; in her 66th year.

On the 14th, at the Rectory. East Clandon, Surrey, JOHN MARTYR, Esq.. of Guild- ford. Senior Bencher of the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple ; in his 93d year. On the 15th, in Regent Street, HENRY Keurvirrr. Esq., of the firm of Charles Hop- kinson and Co.. bankers and army agents; in his 70th year. On the 15th, Mr. ORRIN SMITH. of Mabledon Place ; in his 49th year. On the 16th, at Leamington. Lieut: Colonel RICHARD MURRAY, late of Her Majesty's Fifty-fourth Regiment, and son of the late Lord Henry Murray.