21 OCTOBER 1843, Page 9

The Paris papers of Wednesday and Thursday (those of' Wednesday

having been delayed till last night by the rough weather) contain these telegraphic despatches from Spain- .• Bayonne. 17111 OdOber.

" On the 15th, at two o'clock, the President of the Council read before the assembled Cortes the decree declaring the opening of the Legislature. M. de Orris has been appointed President of Senate. The Duke de Rivas and Count d'Espellata, Vice .Presidents. " M. Carneraro has been appointed Minister, at Lisbon, in place of M. Aguilar.

" Order has not been disturbed for a moment." .• Perpignan, 19th October.

" Yesterday evening, Prim and Ametler agreed upon a suspension of hostili- ties. Ametler is authorized to send to Barcelona and Figueras officers, to sa- tisfy himself of the state of things there. The blockade of Gerona will continue. The offensive and defensive operations will cease."