21 OCTOBER 1922, Page 26

Dealing with the charge that the Government ought' 'to have

had an understanding with our Allies, Mr. Lloyd George replied, " we-thought we had." Only a few weeks ago a message had been received from the French Govern- ment saying that they would resist any violation of the Neutral Zones. That message had been followed by another signed by France and Italy, in common with Great Britain, warning Mustapha Kemal. Ought the policy then to have been one of running away when Mustapha Kemal defied the Allies ? Mr. Asquith had asked why the Government had not imitated the " patient, forbearing " policy of Lord Grey of Fallodon in 1914. That patient, forbearing policy of 1914 had ended in " the most disastrous war the world has ever seen." The " amateur diplomacy of 1922 " had .brought peace.